John first experienced photography as a child when, on special occasions, he was allowed a 35mm film camera and a roll of film. The resulting photos were, well, awful; but it was the low ember that grew into a firestorm of passion for creating beautiful, evocative images.

Documentary storytelling is at the heart of John’s work. Whether it is his personal work or commissioned work as part of harustudio — a boutique wedding, family, and commercial studio that he founded with his partner — the desire to tell a good yarn is the foundation from which John’s work is built on. 

Here lives some of John’s most personal projects. Living in Japan inspired HIROSHIMA where he presents a modern city the world only knows through the past. A lifetime of strange prejudices and funny looks inspired ASIAN  which looks at the differences and similarities of people who call themselves “Asian”. Family is a constant theme and a continuing source of inspiration, documented in THAT'S MY BOY, WAITING TO LET GO, and FIFTY THREE YEARS.

John’s work has been shortlisted in Head On Portrait Prize (2011), and selected as semi-finalist for the Moran National Portrait Prize (2018). FIFTY THREE YEARS was part of the official selection of the 2017 Tokyo Liftoff Film Festival, and John is listed in the top 15 of Capture Magazine’s 2018 Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers in the Weddings category. 

John is available for a variety of assignments, please contact him for details.